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April 1, 2015


IAL - Insurance Agent Loan was born out of the idea that all agencies are not the same.  This is especially true when agencies are viewed from a lending perspective.  Whether you are an independent, captive, seasoned agent , or just getting started in the insurance industry, IAL can help insurance agents in various stages of development:

  1. Some agencies are larger and seasoned with great markets.
  2. Some agencies have recently formed via split off producers from other agencies.
  3. Other agencies have started from scratch and steadily building.
  4. Other agents are aggressive adding employees and growing quickly.
  5. Other agencies are third generation and family is no longer interested in running the business.

IAL is owned by Sam Patterson of SpringTree Group and Bill Friend of Premium Finance Group.  Both Sam and Bill have been in the insurance space some 50 + years.  IAL only works with insurance agents needing help in Acquisition, Perpetuation and Capitalization.  Within the next 4-7 years, over 200,000 agencies will be up for grabs.

As the business owner / baby boomers begin to enter retirement age, they are beginning to realize that banks will not "finance" service related industries unless they are collateralized.  This can pose a problem for the 30, 40 and 50 age brackets  looking to purchase agencies from the 50, 60 and 70 age brackets.  Insurance agencies do not carry heavy inventory and most rent property in highly visible areas.  The younger generation may have some assets but usually not enough to fully collateralize the purchase of a mid to large sized agency. 

IAL powered by the underwriting of Springtree Group, has a platform of lenders ready and willing to financially underwrite the insurance entrepreneur based on cash flow.  And NO - we will not "usurp" the commission streams coming into the agency from the carrier like most other financial resources do.  If agents meet our simple criteria of a 650 or better credit score with no recent bankruptcies, short sales or tax liens, then we can offer a 10 year amortization at Prime +2 3/4 (6% APR) with little or no pre payment penalties.  Should Real Estate come along with the agency, then we can amortize debt up to 25 years.  This way, as liquidity events present themselves, the loan can be chopped down quickly as the new owner begins with extremely low monthly payments. 

So what have you got to lose?  Complete out loan intake form and hit the send button.  Bill Friend will contact you to review your goals or invite you to a Webinar explaining procedures in 20 minutes or less. 

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**INSURANCE AGENT LOANS - BUSINESS LOANS for Acquisition, Perpetuation and Capitalization.  

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